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My primary research focus is the conservation of native biodiversity, including ecological surveys, habitat and population modeling, and conservation planning and management. This research combines ecological fieldwork with the application of quantitative techniques, such as G.I.S., habitat modeling, and risk assessment, to address conservation issues across many scales, temporal and spatial.

I am especially interested in the distribution and ecological requirements of native species and what makes them vulnerable to extinction. read more

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My students and I study a wide variety of species in many different ecosystems examining where they live, identifying what they need for long-term viability, and developing recommendations for conservation and management. We have been focusing our attention lately on the biodiversity hotspot of the Oak Openings Region in Northwest Ohio.

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I teach a number of courses including: Ecology, Conservation Biology in Practice, Wildlife Biology, Fundamentals of Ecology (graduate course), and graduate seminars in ecology and conservation biology topics (e.g., Applied Population Ecology, Conservation Behavior, Population Viability Analysis).

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